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"What's it like to be a psychic medium? Is it scary?" This is a question that I am asked a lot. No, it is not scary to me. I've been seeing spirits since I was a little girl. I used to see deceased relatives after they passed & ghosts in buildings. The dead relatives didn't scare me, sometimes the ghosts did if they died from horrific injuries.


But as I grew up, the ghosts didn't scare me. My deceased relatives passed on messages to me or would sing to me or hug me. Do you think that is scary? No, it's not. My deceased Uncle John and my Grandma Rose once helped to protect me & keep me safe one horrible, gut-wrenching night in Cincinnati. Otherwise I would have died from a gunshot to the head. They stayed with me all night long.


Archangel Michael is a loving protector too - with a unique sense of humor. He cracks more jokes then anyone that I know alive. And I adore every moment that I can see my sister Melanie - which is less often now that she passed 4 years ago.


Seeing other people's loved ones, pets and guides is not scary. The energy increases and there is this warmth and loving feeling when they come through for me to pass on messages. Bringing closure to the living, passing on these loving messages, is something that I enjoy. I'm good at it, connecting & hearing these spirits. I wouldn't give it up.


Yes, I can turn it off so I can go about my day. Yes, I sometimes don't want to hear them - but they never frighten me. Even those sad ghosts just want to be heard and to go home.


So no, it's not scary to me and it shouldn't be scary to you. People have seen others that have passed since the beginning of time. It's in all the major holy books, as are angels! Just because I can see, hear & feel them doesn't mean I'm scary or special - it just means that I can communicate with others that are not living in a physical body.


Your deceased loves ones just want you to know that they are better than OK, they have gone home - a place of great love & peace and they can go anywhere in the world at anytime to see you and any amazing place that they want. They love you - relatives & pets.


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