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I had an interesting reading with a young man today at the Holistic Health and Healing expo. He wanted to know if God and Angels were real. He wasn't sure anymore.


My answer to him was this: Yes, God is real. Whether you call him God, Jesus, Ganesh, or call her Mother Mary, Lakshmi, Hecate, etc. there IS a Father & Mother God and they are real. YOU are a divine child of God - that divine spark of his/her love is within YOU. Some people call this spark the God seed - it's part of your soul and burns brightly in your heart.



You don't need someone else to interpret God/Goddess words to you, you just close your eyes and listen, you allow that divine spark to GLOW. Once you do that, that little spark begins to get bigger and bigger and you are more OPEN to others and to yourself. Experience joy & happiness - know that YOU are a child of the Divine - no matter what culture you were raised or what religion you learned.


God / Goddess is all around you - remember you were made in their IMAGE. So since there are NOT only men but also women on this planet - of course there is a Goddess too!


Angels are God's divine messengers, healers and protectors and they are here to help YOU. Their love, light & warmth is only second to God. Angels want to help you on your path, bringing you the knowledge & love of HOME back to you (whether you call home heaven, nirvana, etc. - it's all the same thing).


This young man hugged & thanked me afterwards. A truly awakening time for him.


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