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The Mysterious Lure of Unicorns

By Melinda Carver

Many young girls, including myself, grew up believing in Unicorns. We collected Unicorn knick-knacks, musical boxes, stuffed animals and artwork. To this day, I still have my Unicorns. What is it about Unicorns that attracts so many people still in the 21st century? Are they considered to be mythological creatures, like Pegasus (winged horse) and Dragons, or are they real?

Unicorns have been featured in first person sightings, stories and artwork in India, China, Europe, and Ancient Greece. Greek historian Ctesias listed Unicorns not in mythology but in nature books as: “The unicorn was native to India, the size of a donkey, with a burgundy head and white body; it had blue eyes, a single horn that was bright red at the top, black in the middle, and white at the bottom; the horn was also eighteen inches long."

The Unicorn is also featured in the Bible in Jobs 39:9-12 where God states to Job that Unicorns, “whose strength is great, is useless for agricultural work, refusing to serve man or harrow the valley.” The word Unicorn is based on the Hebrew word for horn – re’em.

In Medieval times, authors stated that the Unicorn represented Christ since he is the horn of salvation. They further stated that Virgins could attract the Unicorn from the woods since the Unicorn or “Christ” would recognize the Virgin Mary (his mother). Also during Medieval times, The Court of Love flourished with tales of the Unicorn and this animal was featured on many historic crests and coat of arms.

This animal has been featured in the Bible and books of science in ancient times. How many people today believe in the whole truth of the Bible but deny God’s stated words in that same book about the Unicorn? God named the unicorn as an animal he created. Why do people dismiss that? Science has proved many ancient animals that once lived in ancient times but are no longer here were real. Some of these animals were considered myths, yet science has proven their reality. We are always waiting for science to catch up to reality.

In modern times, this animal is considered as a myth, a legend. Since they are considered to be a myth, this creature should still not have the same pull in the 21st century as it did in Medieval times. So why are we still drawn by the lure of the Unicorn today? Are they real or just part of our imagination?

The answer is yes, they are real. Unicorns are real just as Angels, Fairies, and your Deceased Loved Ones are real. You hold a belief in Angels, you pray to Angels to assist you. That is real. Some of you can speak to your Deceased Loved Ones by yourself or through a psychic medium. That is real. Some of you have seen Fairies or Elementals. That is real.

Unicorns are real creatures that once lived in great numbers on Earth. They were hunted to near extinction (see how poachers treat the current elephant and rhino). The Fairies decided to remove them physically from this plane for their protection. Unicorns reside in the realm of Fairies where they are safe and beloved. You can still see and connect to Fairies on Earth, as such; you may also reach the Unicorns.

I believe the reason I was so attracted to Unicorns as a child is in part to my psychic and magical abilities. I can sense, feel and perform magic. That is why I connected so strongly with Unicorns and why I continue to this day to believe and revere them.

In modern times, the Unicorn is a purely magical creature just like Dragons and Pegasus. They can appear here on the planet and other parts of the Universe. They are elemental, just like Fairies. They are part of the Fairy kingdom. Unicorns can bring magic into your life, just like Fairies.

Call upon them to bless you with their magical presence. Allow them to appear – whether in Spirit or physical form. Feel their magical energy. Believe you can connect, allow yourself to connect and feel the presence of Unicorns. Everyone can use more magic in their lives. So if you hear the sirens call of a Unicorn luring you with their magic, answer it.

Published in the Attune Magazine July 2015 Issue


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