Psychic Medium Melinda Carver

Psychic Medium & Tarot Readings & Energy Healings      Sessions are via in-person, Skype, FB Call or phone! 

Now accepting payments via Facebook Messenger Payment also! 

Let Melinda assist you with your life issues or connecting you with your Loved Ones!  Melinda is a Clauraudient, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient Psychic Medium.  She can SEE, HEAR & SENSE Spirit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones & Pets.  Melinda has provided readings to people from USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and Mexico.

Melinda can see into your future - people coming or going from your life, and give you the answers that you seek to what is coming up in your life.   Love & Relationships, Family Issues, Work & Finances, and any other questions you may have.  Melinda connects with the Spirit World to give you your messages from the Other Side.  She also provides Energy Cord Cuttings & Healings to remove emotional baggage & blockages.  Dream interpretations & dark energy removals also available!  Melinda has appeared on TV, Radio, Magazines and more!

See her Client Comments & Recommendations further down the page!

"Thank you so much for your insight and for your advice. Your reading seemed more accurate and detailed than any other reading I have received. You tuned in well to my situation with only a name and I appreciate your honesty about the situation. Xoxo"    Anna, IL

When Melinda receives your reading payment, she will contact you via e-mail or phone to schedule your reading.  Please be sure to give your e-mail or phone number when purchasing through PayPal, Facebook Messenger Payment and Credit Cards also accepted.  E-mail Melinda at All readings must be prepaid.  Absolutely no refunds will be given for those that are no shows for scheduled appointments.  If you cancel your scheduled appointment within 24 hours of the set time, no refunds will be given.  Completed readings are non-refundable.


* For entertainment purposes only.  Psychic readings are for personal insight purposes only.
Advice given should not take the place of medical, legal or financial advice given by qualified professionals.    


15 Minute Phone Reading - $45



15 Minute Phone Readings must be scheduled with Melinda. She will send you an e-mail when payment is received to schedule a time Eastern Standard USA. Readings via telephone or Skype.  Contact if you have any trouble placing your reading order.

Gift Certificates Available!  

15 Minute Sale are for separate sessions only - they cannot be combined to make 30 or 60 minute readings. 

30 Minute Phone Reading - $75

30 Minute Phone Readings must be scheduled with Melinda.  She will send you an e-mail when payment is received to schedule a time Eastern Standard USA. Readings via telephone or Skype.   Contact if you have any trouble placing your reading order.

Gift Certificates Available!

1 Hour Phone Reading - $150




1 Hour Phone Readings must be scheduled with Melinda. She will send you an e-mail when payment is received to schedule a time Eastern Standard USA. Readings via telephone or Skype.   Contact if you have any trouble placing your reading order.

Gift Certificates Available!

Energy Cord Cutting & Block Removals & Healings - $75


Are you tired of carrying around emotional baggage from past relationships?  Are you feeling blocked in life?  Allow Melinda to assist you in removing these blocks to your energy flow and to bring you energetic healing! 

20 Minute Phone Session must be scheduled with Melinda.  She will send you an e-mail when payment is received to schedule a time Eastern Standard USA.  Healings via telephone or Skype.  Contact if you have any trouble placing your order.

Dream Interpretation -  $35






Dream Interpretation.  She will send you an e-mail when payment is received so that you may forward your dream to Melinda.  You will receive your detailed interpretation via e-mail.   Contact if you have any trouble placing your reading order.

Gift Certificates Available!

Client Comments & Recommendations

 I enjoy receiving feedback from clients on their readings. When you receive confirmations from clients, it really puts your readings in perspective! Here is a sampling from clients:

"Wow -- she is so right on - told me of people's personalities, and such a great reading! I would totally recommend Psychic Melinda!! She is awesome! Thanks so much Melinda!"   Melissa, CA 

"You read me at SOTA, you were phenomenal.   If I knew you were in the audience at Inspirational Stump, I would have dragged you up front with me to give spirit messages to the audience." Tim Brainard, Medium (at Lily Dale, NY)

"Each week this show with Melinda turns out to be the funniest & touching shows I do on JIL Radio! As Melinda is down to earth, so funny and so real!  Melinda's connections with the callers are amazing and heartfelt! This is a show you will NOT want to miss!....."  - Michael Long, Journey Into the Light Radio

"It was a pleasure having you and feedback was very good." - Donna Van Toen (SOTA 2010)

"Thank YOU for being on!  It's always a lot of fun.  Awesome readings, we get to talk about interesting things. " - Dax Carlisle (Tarot Guild)

"Just wanted to THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart. You highlighting Kimi's daycare helped me shift out of denying it and pure not seeing the truth. I am so thankful, we all are. I lemon juiced that lady and put her in the freezer."  - Cara (Strange Days Indeed Host)

"It was "amazing that you pulled that out of thin air".  - Dax Carlisle (Tarot Guild) about his new Tarot deck!

"It was freaky how you knew what he'd look like." - Mark Reed (Tarot Guild) about his job interview

"Wanted to thank you for the fairy dust.  I was sprinkling it with my hands and could truly feel the positive vibes "oozing" off of it.  You were not kidding!!!" - Cara (Strange Days Indeed Host)

"We spoke inspired me!  I recently moved to a new house and painted the blank wall in honor of St. Michael.  I am going to paint it to canvas too.  I am definitely going to start painting again.  Thank you a ton!  You pretty much are the reason I got back into this again."  - Spencer

"Melinda is a God send she has helped me in so many ways. So lucky and blessed that we have crossed paths. Thank you for all you do. Love and Light."  Mylinda

"I was so amazed by you Melinda... I spoke with you the other day and everything you told me was right on...wonderful info."       UndertheRainbow

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful reading.   You mentioned that Randy, my newphew, that passed away was sending butterflies to a dark haired woman. It was my mom.. she has a back yard full of butterflies.   There were lots of other things you said that were very true and made my family happy. I thank you for that." - Kelly Z.

"I had a very quick radio reading with you the other day and wanted to give you some follow-up and let you know that I appreciate your insight.   I am "Erin from Florida" and you gave me information from a fat, older, clean shaven man who cautioned me about tire pressure, my driving, paying attention and being distracted.   There were no fat people in my family for at least three generations, possibly four. I think the fellow was my ex-father-in-law. Your description of him matched to a T." - Erin

"I listened to your reading that was great I am going to do just what you said It is so funny it was like you are reading my mind. You are dead right as well I do get zapped energy problems" - Colin M.

"I just wanted to tell you that I have been listening to the blog talk shows you have been on and listening to the classes you have done here at the Tarot Guild and I just felt compelled to drop you and note and tell you... I feel your heart and your goodness... Your wisdom is such a gift and I can recognize in your energy that "you get it!"   That's all :)   Just a virtual hug because I connected with your heart and think you're just wonderful!"  - Shelly E.

"A few months back, you helped my son to connect to his angels to help him with his tests for nursing... well  thnx , cause he did pass the course and is taking the boards next month!"  - HappyGoLucky  

"I do love your energy, and your direct approach. I will continue to follow your show, and have told other friends about you, and your show.  I am a Taurus, and some of my best friends, are Capricorns. I am very earthy, so I appreciate, your direct approach.
I'm looking forward to listening to the CD, and work with the "dust".." - Sally

"In June you told me that I would meet a great guy in the beginning of fall with blond hair and tattoos and he'd be musical. I met him on October 5th and he's exactly what you said he'd be!"  - Kelly B.

"I wanted you to know again how much I enjoyed your workshop and the ideas you shared from it.  And again thank you for the fairy dust and the cosmic dust.  I did put it again on both seats that my supervisor sits on-lol. She seems to have changed her attitude and we laugh and wonder whats up." – Kathy L.

"I enjoyed our conversation yesterday and thank for the reading.  I have to say that I was very impressed with your physical recall of what you saw.  Your description of my friend Brian was right on!" - Gigi

"Thank you for letting me know that I'm not crazy!   Your descriptions of the 2 men involved were dead on." -  Kathy R.

"You were right on with the spirit circle.   I asked my dad who the guy you desribed that passed was and he recognized him.  Thank you."  - Jeff

"I wanted to let you know that in October you told me that I wouldn't have knee surgery until the beginning of February and you were right!  The doctor scheduled it for February 8th."  - Bev D.

"Right off the bat - the Music and the help thing are way spot on! Thanks so much for giving me a description of my spirit guide." – Mary B.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and give your feedback.Your dream analysis of my personality was spot on." - Joel

"This was fantastic! Really sorry for those that did not take this opportunity to join in the Spirit Circle this morning!" - Mimiraj

"I really enjoyed the reading you gave me. I'm so glad that you were able to add more detail to the person you were connecting with for me. As soon as you mentioned the uniform/work pants and shirt, it clicked. For some reason, I wasn't thinking of my grandfather when you said oval face and bald on top. Even though he is the one who passed most recently, I wasn't thinking about him." - Maria

"I'm looking forward to your class in August and I always enjoy the show when you are on." - Priscilla

" I came to know about u through my friends. U are simply amazing." - Latha

"You have spoken to my son Gregory a few times and guided him through his nursing course.  I wanted to tell you he took his boards and passed!" - Christine 

"What an amazing hour, not just for myself but for all the help, input, compassion and energy flying all over in there tonight!" -  Brady Ann (about Positive Perspectives Radio)

"Thank You Melinda for Your Show and All of Your Hard Work in Helping Everyone." -  Heather in Columbus

"Thank U So Much!! N Thank U for the reading, Ur Blog talk, n etc. etc. Much Appreciative! Love n Light to U." -  Heather : )
"Thanks again for the reading, it has given me hope about my son and his future! xoxo"  - Tracy W.

"You gave a reading at my house back in the beginning of July. I just wanted to tell you that I have met 2 men, one drives a dark blue extended cab truck, and the other I just met last week ….and he drives a black car …just as you described. Freaked me out."   Maureen


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