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The Wheel of Fortune can be tricky– it always reminds us that we do come full circle in any situation. We can be happy then move to sadness, or we can be poor and move to richness, or vice-versa. It always denotes change, whether it is something earth shattering or positive for us. We have all heard the sayings “Fortune is fickle”, “The hands of Fate turn the Wheel”, and “Pray for Good Fortune”. People are always listing ways that their fortune is either good or bad. So what can we do to improve our fortune?


If the Wheel of Fortune is at a downtime for us, try to not dwell on the negatives and saying “life sucks”. The more we dwell on the negative times, the more negativity we will attract. When we are depressed or upset, our vibration lowers and we attract low vibes and negative energy. This is a time to stop, breathe, and to become proactive.


When we are not happy, we should ask ourselves what we can do to make changes to bring joy and happiness back into our life. We should concentrate on finding solutions or an action plan to assist us out of the mess we are in. Then we must take those steps out, no matter how hard they may seem.


If the Wheel of Fortune is at a rising time for us, how do we keep that good fortune flowing? Some steps we may do to keep that flow going are to keep our vibrations high, being thankful for all that has come to us, taking positive steps forward and actively following a plan. Passing good fortune on (paying it forward), also assists in the positive energy exchange of good fortune.


Another way to work the energy of this card is to decide if we want to just wait for someone to come along or something to happen, or if we will go out there to obtain them or it. We are in control of our lives. We are the ones that choose how we will act and react to any person or situation. If we are not happy, we must look at ourselves to determine the changes that we need to adjust within or changes to make in our behaviors to move upward on the Wheel.


By working with the energy of this card, we can invoke our own power within to change any situation that we need to make it more positive, more fortunate for us. Tapping into our own power and strength can really change our reality. So we must decide if we will follow what the hands of Fate provide, or whether we will improve and empower ourselves to handle what comes our way. When we choose to empower ourselves, we choose what will evolve our souls.


The energy within the Wheel of Fortune will still rise and fall, but we may temper the traumatic or flame the positive energy in what comes our way. Namaste.


**Melinda's article was published in the Oct/Nov 2013 issue of Attune Magazine.  




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