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Exploring the Fairy Realm

By Melinda Carver


Fairies and Elementals are purely magical creatures that reside on the Earth. They use the pure magic of the four Earth elements – Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Fairies live, breathe and perform magic. They can manipulate energy and are found in natural settings.


Some of Fairies and Elementals have physical bodies and some only appear in spirit form. Fairies and Elementals come in all shapes, sizes and colors based on their race – just like humans. Their morals are different than humans. They can be kind or indifferent to us, depending on their mood. Most Fairies and Elementals shy away from humans since we have destroyed so much of their natural habitat.


Stories and legends of Fairies can be found among Native American culture, South American tribes, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, South American tribes and the Australian Aborigines. These stories and legends feature great acts of kindness and also behaviors that are way different than humans.



Fairies can have wings or be wingless. The Fairy term encompasses Fairies, Pixies, Water Sprites and Wood Sprites. Their physical appearance ranges from the size of one of your fingers to as tall as 7 feet high. Their skin can be white, pink, blue, green, red – any natural color of the rainbow. Fairies generally take on the color of the plant, tree or water that they live in. Small fairies that live near flowers will be the color of the flowers that they tend. Water Sprites/Mermaids will generally tend to be a greenish or bluish hue.


Fairies with wings work their magic strongest in the Air element. Wood Sprites (also known as the Green Man or Green Woman) work their magic strongest in the Fire element. Water Sprites work their magic strongest in the Water element. All Fairies can do magic in the Earth element as well.


You can find Fairies in forests, small woods, oceans, lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, meadows, marsh land and even in your own backyard. Fairies are Earthkeepers and work with trees, plants, flowers and water systems.



Elementals do not have wings. They encompass Elves, Gnomes, Trolls and Brownies. Their physical appearance ranges from the size of your hand to as tall at 7 feet high. Their skin is generally white, brown or green. Elementals tend to take on the color of the woods and Earth. Their magic is strongest in the Earth element.


You can find Elementals in forests, small woods, mountain ranges, meadows, marsh land and also in your own backyard. Elementals are Earthkeepers, they work with the dirt, rocks, and crystals. You may also find Elementals in rock and crystal stores.


Connecting with Them

When entering a nature setting, it is important to be calm and centered. This allows your mind to be open to the possible connection you may receive. It is also important to turn off your electrical gadgets. Leave them in the car. They are a distraction.


Do not yell out “fairies, fairies where are you?” They will not come out for you. Be respectful of their home. If you sit quietly or begin meditating, they may appear before you. Some of you may only seeing flashing colors, others will see a spirit shape, and the rest of you may have a physical being appear in front of you.


You may communicate verbally or telepathetically with them when the Fairies or Elementals appear. They are very literal. It is important to be truthful and open when you speak to them. If you offer them a gift, then give it to them. They do not like liars or people who try to trick them. That is when you anger them and they will leave.


Keeping your energy pure and high vibrating will draw them to you. Good luck to you as you explore the Fairy and Elemental realm. May you receive every Fairy Blessing!


For further information on how to find, speak and work with the Fairies, Melinda offers a DVD or CD version of Harness the Magic of the Fairies. You can learn more about them and their White Magic Spells for love and abundance.

Orginally published in Attune Magazine July 2015


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