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This year is exciting! Not only is it "2016", but we also have a LEAP YEAR - meaning February 29th once every 4 years. This gives you a chance to perform a "Leap Year Spread" to see what your "theme" will be for each of the next 4 years.

Why would you want to see what your "theme" is? Well, you ARE a Tarot Reader, and seeing into the past, present and FUTURE is what we do! So let's take a look at YOUR future today. You can do this spread for your clients too. I love doing this spread to see what my themes are. Try it and let me know how you liked it!

To Prepare for Your Leap Year Spread:

First, separate your Major Arcana from the Minors - you will only use the Majors for this spread. Why? The Majors are the archetypes, the "karma" cards, etc. You are looking for a theme or archetype for each year. Depending on the card you pull, that will be your theme for the year.

Secondly, shuffle your Majors. Some people shuffle with a blank mind, others will concentrate on "what is my theme?". Either way is OK.

Thirdly, pull four cards and lay them out in ONE row.


To Read Your Leap Year Spread:

Card One = your theme/archetype for 2016

Card Two = your theme/archetype for 2017

Card Three = your theme/archetype for 2018

Card Four = your theme/archetype for 2019

Based on which Major you pull for 2016, etc., that is your "theme" - this is what you will be working on for yourself during each year. What does the Major card in this position mean to you? What should you be learning about yourself this year? How does this card either fit in or expand your life view?



Let's say you pulled "The Lovers" for 2016. Right off the bat you know that your theme is RELATIONSHIPS - not just love/sexual but ALL kinds of relationships. This is how you relate to others (co-workers, service people, family, friends, etc.) and how people relate to you. Relationships will be very important to you this year - you must look at either creating a new way of communicating with people, or expanding and fulfilling current relationships.


The Tower - signifies that CHANGE is your way to go this year. You will have changes at work (whether promotion/demotion, new job, laid off, etc.), changes in your personal life (marriage, divorce, starting to date, etc.) and people coming in and out of your life. You will need to expect and to adapt to all kinds of changes.


If you pulled The Empress for one of the next 4 years - she would signify to take control of your life, being in charge of your land/empire/court (ie. personal, work, finances). Taking control of your life and how you want to live, be, love, etc. This could also signify creating your own business that year, or getting in touch with your feminine energy and unleashing your sexuality.

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