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People always ask me at expos and fairs "How do I choose a Tarot deck?" There are hundreds of decks to choose from and it can be very intimidating to someone new to Tarot. There are the old standbys like the Rider-Waite, Thoth, and Morgan-Greer, plus hundreds of new "themed" decks like Steampunk, Angels, Goddess, Vampires, various animals and more. Tarot decks are published by US Games, Llewellyn, Lo Scarabeo, Hay House and many other independents.



With so many choices, people are afraid to make a decision because they feel that they will choose "wrong". Well there's no "wrong" deck to choose! Many decks come with a complimentary guidebook, plus there are several Tarot books like Tarot Dynamics, that teach you to read using ANY deck.



I always advise Tarot newbies to choose a deck based on the artwork or theme that speaks to them - the artwork that touches their soul. Whether you like Angels, Fairies, Gothic or the old standbys, there is a deck for YOU that will catch your eye, speak to you, and be workable and readable to you. Why do I suggest this way of choosing? The simple answer is that YOU will be the one that will be reading the deck. If you don’t like the artwork, you won’t work with the deck. It becomes “too hard” to read – you can’t make heads or tails from the layout. That deck doesn’t speak to your soul – just put it away and choose another one.



When you pick up any deck, you should feel the energy of the deck, view the sample cards, then decide which one you like best. If sample cards are not available at the store, look online at various websites to get a feel of the artwork. Just because a deck is popular or used by others doesn’t mean you will like reading that Tarot deck.

Choosing a Tarot deck is personal, because you are the one holding it, shuffling it and reading the cards. Why would you choose a deck that you felt had awful artwork or a theme you were afraid of? By choosing the one that speaks to you, you will be better equipped to learn the Tarot and to enjoy reading the cards.


Take the mystery out of choosing the right Tarot deck for you. You don’t have to be afraid of choosing “wrong”. The Tarot wants to speak to you and through you to others. Be guided by your own intuition and enjoy your shopping trip!

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