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57 years old
Columbus, OH
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Psychic Medium Melinda Carver

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I've worked in healthcare for almost 22 yrs. I enjoy connecting/communicating with, and helping others. I woke up 5 yrs ago and took a Good look at my life and said "There has to be more to life. There has to be some reason that I'm here other than "existing"". Prior to that, I was one of what I would call "The Walking Dead". That is, I went to work, went home, watched TV. Basically I had stayed to myself for Many Years doing pretty much the same things day in and out. I've never felt like I've "belonged" anywhere or with anyone.

So I started on what I call my "Spiritual Journey". I gave away my TV to a neighbor. Then I started reading, listening to CDs, watching DVDs, watching videos on You Tube, listening to others, etc., searching for answers. It's not that I had questions, rather I had a desire to become more. To feel alive.

I've realized the value of the expression that "Life is a Journey". And within that, there are Journeys. That is, with whatever it is that I've worked on with what people refer to as "Self Improvement" it's important to understand that sometimes baby steps can become milestones in walking your path.

Last October (2012) I attended the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, OH, where I live. I encountered a woman who was exiting a reading with Melinda Carver and who gave a testimonial. I had $20 ($10 to get into the Expo and $7 to park, leaving me $3, Wowee I was Rich! :)) to my name until the following Friday (i.e., payday). I picked up as many business cards I could while I was at the Expo. In November I started going thru the business cards I had collected, 77 of them. I was looking for Melinda's card which initially seemed a daunting task. Out of those cards were 8 that had pictures on them and THANK GOD Melinda was one of them!:) I called Melinda and I scheduled a reading in December. Following the reading, Melinda sent me a CD of my reading with her. She included a link to her show in the package, "Positive Perspectives with Psychic Melinda" on Blog Talk Radio.

I know that when Melinda Recommends someone from her show that that person is a Highly Qualified Professional. I've listened to Several of her On Demand shows, and I've taken Many notes. I've had people that Melinda has Recommended "work" on me as healing myself is apriori to me. I also Highy Recommend Melinda's products.

I've come to realize that each person's "Spiritual Journey" is Special, Sacred, and Unique. It's something You have to want. Something You have to Pursue. Something that no matter what or who, You have a hunger for more because You Never get satiated. Melinda has said that You need to feed Your Soul as well as Your Body, and I couldn't agree more.:)

So I'm at a point now where I realize that as long as I live, I will keep striving for more. I will keep wanting, and enjoying "The Journey". Pursuing a Spiritual Path, growing as a Spiritual being living a physical existence, as an awakened individual, is Far More satisfying than my life previous to the past 5 yrs.

I can't Thank Melinda enough for the help she's given me via the people that have been on her show and her Recommendations. I've been blessed to meet some Truly Amazing People doing some Amazing things in helping others to become more in their Journey. What a Blessing!:) You have to Want to become more. You have to want to Strive and Pursue Learning and Growing as a Spiritual Being. It's not "Work" in the sense that we've known the word "Work" to be in the Ego (i.e., physical world). It's a satisfaction, a feeling of attainment, fulfillment, a wanting for more that is Special and Sacred to each individual. We're All at different levels, and we need to be mindful and respectful of others, as their Journey is their own.

At this Juncture in My Journey, I am following Spirit. That is, when Melinda has a Guest on her show, and I feel guided to pursue that Individual's Professional Services, I do so. Everyone has to walk their own path. What I feel guided to pursue may not be for someone else. Their path may be to follow a different path, a different individual, or service. Their needs to Learn and Grow as a Spiritual Being may have different needs than mine. Only each Individual knows what path they should take. And it's helped me Immensely to have people like Melinda Carver to advise and assist me in walking my path. I am VERY Grateful for her and her show, which has made a WORLD of difference in My Life!:)


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