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Melinda's Positive Products - Get Positive, Live Positive!       

Welcome magic into your life - try my Award Winning products today!   Celebrating 6 magical years!  Try my Fairy & Earth Energy Magic to bring love, abundance and creativity into your life!


Melinda created her Magical products to assist you to manifest your dreams; remove your negative energy; raise your energy vibrations;  receive blessings; to clear energy of your home, office or other location; and to welcome positive people, events and items into your life.  Now in 32 stores across the United States & Caribbean.  Also featured on Amazon!


 All products are made in the USA of consciously sourced ingredients.

If you live outside of USA & would like to order my products or you are having problems placing your order, e-mail   Shipping quoted is for USA.

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Product Testimonials

Here is a product testimonial from Bonnie Cehovet, author of "Tarot, Birth Cards & You" and "Tarot, Rituals & You":

"Anyone can put ingredients together and sell them. It takes someone with heart, know how, and understanding to imbue them with intent, so that they actually do what they are intended to do! These items are of a quality that cannot really be reproduced elsewhere."

Here is a product testimonial from Ken Harsh, owner of Karma Crystal:

"Melinda, thanks so much!  I recently used some of your wonderful Fairy & Cosmic Dusts at a large metaphysical event & show in the Midwest.  The dust was and is magical and made my energy glitter like the sun, and sales shot through the roof.  Your Fairy & Cosmic Dusts helped make it my best show ever in terms of sales, and I was personally more energized than the Ever Ready Bunny.  Thanks so much for making this magical, powerful dust.  I recommend it to everyone.


Get Positive Live Positive - Order on Amazon!

Get Positive Live Positive: Clearing the Negativity from Your Life is Melinda's new book! Explore the ways negativity affects your love life, family relationships and career. Discover tools to clear it and welcome positive people, events & opportunities into your life.


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Winner of the 2018 Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Self Help Motivational Book!


Winner of the 2018 COVR Visionary Silver Award for Best Self Help Book! 


Warrior Woman with Angel Wings PDF BOOK - $5  

A new anthology series featuring stories of Angels & Guides from women who have transformed their lives with Angels' guidance! Melinda contributed a story to this series.

This is in PDF.



Angel Magic Oil - $11.00      OUT OF STOCK

Melinda’s Angel Magic Oil can be used on 3rd Eye to open you to speak with your Angels & Spirit Guides; rub on chakra points to raise the vibrations & clear chakras for yourself & partners; dab on windows/doors to bring blessings & raise the vibrations of any location; and to bring positive energy into your life. Manifest some magic for yourselfSize is 1/3 ounce with plastic roller ball.



Cosmic Dust - $6.00      BEST SELLER! 

Melinda's Energy-Charged COSMIC Dust (Negative Energy Blocker) Removes & Blocks Negative Energy; Sprinkle around home, yard or office; Sprinkle on someone's chair to cleanse their attitude towards you; Removes hexes & curses. Great alternative to Sage! Can be used in your spells.



Fairy Dust - $6.00        BEST SELLER!     

Melinda's Energy-Charged FAIRY Dust (Joy & Happiness) Sprinkle around home, yard or office to raise positive vibrations; Sprinkle around dining/picnic area for good conversations, good times; Sprinkle on self to raise your energy level; Sprinkle around bedroom (it's quite mischievous!); Attracts people & things to you; Powerful Manifestation Tool with Fairy Magic.  Can be used in your spells.



Fairy Blessing Card - 4x6 - OUT OF STOCK  

Exclusive Design!  A 2-sided, color print of Melinda's special Fairy Blessing & art concept drawn by artist Lorrie Smith. (Note copyright is not on print that will be sent to you!)  Welcome Fairy Blessings into your life with this beautiful print!  Get ready to work with Fairy Magic!